Careful on the roads out there, not only are Texas roads some of the most dangerous roads in America but, some of the cities you drive through may have some of the more aggressive police officers ready to hand out a speeding ticket.

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A report from the Houston Chronicle analyzed traffic stop data from more than 2,500 police departments here in Texas and found some interesting numbers you should be aware of.


The law is the law and speeding is dangerous and can lead to some serious issues. According to a report from KVUE, TxDOT reports that speed was the main reason for 163,756 traffic crashes in Texas in 2021. In those accidents, 6,493 people suffered serious injuries while 1,532 people would lose their lives. To put it simply, speed kills.

Texas Highway patrol works continuously to slow speeding drivers down.

Speed Trap Ahead

Opening up the engine on the open highway is one thing but speeding through smaller towns along the way can be even more dangerous. So in return, smaller towns are a bit more aggressive when it comes to slowing you down. Some can be more aggressive than others tho.

Speeding Through Central Texas

According to the report, central Texas has four cities in the top 11 cities that passed out the most speeding tickets. The study looked at cities where officers made more than 500 stops each in 2020. The numbers sound like a lot but when you break it down, it's about three stops per day.

Bruceville-Eddy placed at #11 on the list with 684 total stops per officer in 2020. Of the 684 stops made by Bruceville-Eddy PD, 1,336 citations were issued. Buckholts landed at number 10 on the list with 741 stops per officer and 1,341 citations issued.

Finishing at #2 on the list was the city of Lott, Texas. Officers in Lott had 1,192 stops per-officer with 2,475 citations issued while our number one city in Texas was Rosebud. The PD in Rosebud had 1,385 stops per officer but only 1,001 citations issued in 2020.

Of course those numbers will probably change since Lott voted recently to disband their Police Department but the other cities will most certainly be looking for you this Labor Day Weekend.

Do yourself a favor and SLOW DOWN.

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