With the first day of spring coming soon, it's almost time for the annual "Pink Moon".

It's an event that comes straight out of the old ole Farmer's Almanac. The full moon coming April 11th is what is also know as the "Pink Moon".

Of course it doesn't mean the moon will be actually be changing color. Nasa and the Farmer's Almanac say it's actually the earth that becomes more pink thanks to the perennial garden phlox (Phlox paniculata). This plant blooms nationwide by the time the pink moon is over.

A Pink Moon is a good indication that spring flowers are coming our way! In Texas, we might could call it a "Blue moon". Bluebonnets are not far away y'all!

If the full moon in April falls before the Easter holiday it's also called the "Egg Moon". Nasa says the April full moon will be visible over Texas beginning at 2am on the 10th, and last through the 12th.

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