It's official!

Earlier today (Thursday, June 17) in San Antonio, Governor Greg Abbott visited the Alamo and ceremoniously signed a new Texas bill that allows people 21 and up without a permit or gun training to carry a handgun in Texas.

The law may be controversial to some, but almost 15 states have the same law effective July 1st with Texas beginning September 1st.

Personally, I am for the right to bear arms, but there needs to be a line drawn on who can responsibly bear arms..

For example, back in April, twin brothers from Texas, one with a history of depression and causing harm to himself, killed their entire family before pulling the trigger on themselves committing suicide.

Opening up the controversy about giving guns to mentally ill people.

Are these people that you want toting guns anywhere in any capacity?

More recently, a personal beef between two teenagers in Killeen escalated into gunfire that killed a man on 6th Street in Austin.

Another question I had concerned whether this law would remove the right of businesses to prohibit guns being carried on their premises. That doesn't appear to be the case.

According to FOX 4, numerous anti-gun violence groups will gather to protest the signing of the bill in cities like Austin, Dallas, Houston, El Paso, and Houston.

Quite a controversial topic - not for the right to bear arms in public, but my concern is the sanity of the people who can now carry handguns without any sort of training or screening. Sure you can't keep the out of the hands of everyone who might want to do harm, but it'd be interesting to see how many applicants for permits were denied in the past and why.

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