Let's face facts, there is always going to be something that annoys us about the state of Texas right?

Whether it be the heat, the lack or rain sometimes, or a third thing we can't remember off the top of our heads, we're bound to be angry at the Lone Star State at some point. But, it's a brief anger because, who can stay mad at Texas for a long period of time?

Most of the time, it's not even Texas' fault. It's mainly the area around us in Texas that causes the issue. But what could possibly be causing us grief now? We've already talked about this animal entering our homes uninvited!

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Well, it turns out another animal could soon be found in our homes, this time due to colder temps coming soon. Yes, this situation does entirely stink as well.

What Bug Could You Find In Your Home During The Colder Texas Months?

So this bug in question grows in population during the summer, and according to the National Pesticide Information Center, they search for our houses to reside in during winter. They are none other than...the stinkbug.

Yes, while stinkbugs are very annoying due the obvious mention of the stink they cause, they also can do another thing very well, which is bring more of their friends to your house. So infestation is a very real possibility.

So How Do You Remove Them If They Get Into Your Home?

It might be a little different than dealing with normal bugs, but you shouldn't decide to crush stink bugs. The reason? Well they, smell after killed as well.

When stinkbugs are killed, they produce an odor that just well...isn't fun to smell to say the least. So instead, the National Pesticide Information Center suggest vacuuming them up, or placed them back outside via hand.

Keep an eye out Texas, and help those stinkbugs back outside!

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