The last round of commemorative Selena cups may be coming to a store near you soon.

According to a post from Stripes, the third and final round of commemorative Selena cups will be available at participating Stripes stores in the near future! In 2018, the company began releasing cups honoring the late "Queen of Tejano" and celebrating her 25 year musical legacy.

Together with Selena's sister Suzette, Stripes designed multiple designs to place on insulated cups that hold hot or cold beverages, and are even dishwasher safe. Although, I have to admit that mine are still wrapped and intact because I can't bear to compromise their beauty.

"I am excited to finally share the 2020 Stripes Selena Cups, the 25th Year Collection, with her fans," Suzette said earlier this year. "These commemorative cups represent Selena's legacy that continues to inspire all who love her."

Selena Cups via Stripes Press Release
Selena Cups via Stripes Press Release

The new cups feature the XXV logo, which would have paired perfectly with the concert that was planned. The Selena XXV concert was originally scheduled for May 9 at the Alamodome in San Antonio, but the concert was canceled due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

I've heard opinions of some who believe that this a marketing ploy from her family to monetize and exploit Selena, but as a fan the cups symbolize something more for me. While I was only an infant at the time of Selena's death, the life and music of Selena has had a resounding effect on my own life.

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