We've seen some pretty creative celebrations during this pandemic, like drive-thru parades and virtual concerts, but this takes the cake in my opinion.

Tania Perez gave her dad the ultimate surprise this weekend and was kind enough to share his reaction with the world. With the pandemic of COVID-19 still ongoing, big gatherings are paused, but that didn't stop Tania Pena, a Laredo native,  from showing her dad just how much he means to her this Father's Day.

Just for reference, here are some things Texans love: Big Red, brisket, and of course, legendary Tejano singer Selena!

Tania's father, Jose Pena, 63,  is a huge Selena fan, and she decided to hire a Selena impersonator to surprise her dad for Father's Day. Jose's reaction when he opens his door and finds la reina on the other side is priceless!

Look at that face!
Photo via FB, Tania Perez

Jose immediately starts dancing, and let me tell you, he is good! This guy has definitely seen a Selena show or two. The impersonator, Lorena Gomez, even said she may have found a dance partner with Jose. The videos of the two dancing together is quickly going viral, and honestly it gets better every time I watch.

How have you handled celebrations since COVID-19? Do you think you have better dancing skills than Jose?

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