You know I love to write about Lottery winners.  I have just added Slot Machine winners to the list.


There is a slot machine at the Las Vegas MGM Grand called "Lion's Share".  Nobody has hit the jackpot on that machine for 20 years!  Guests came from all over the world to play it.  Bringing all their lucky superstitions.  They would kiss the machine, hug it, rub it, talk to it, thump it and curse it.  Nobody ever won.


Until 66 year old Walter Misco from Chester, New Hampshire showed up.



Walter and his wife Linda go to Vegas every three or four months. (Must be Nice!)


Back in February, Walter read an article about the machine, Linda told him "You gotta play it".


So just before midnight last Friday, their last night in town, Walter's turn came.  He put $100 in, started betting the max $3 at a time, and within five minutes, he hit the jackpot for 2.4 MILLION BUCKS.


Why him?  Who knows?  I am happy and jealous!


Walter is a retired horse farmer, he and Linda say they're going to use the money to put all of their grandchildren through college.


The machine has been reset at a million dollars.