Dear Apple, What We Really Want Is...
Does the voice texting on the iPhone make you sound like Borat too? I need a phone that instantly kills all 4 of my extra chins and has a reliable maps. What features would you like to see on the new iPhones?
Siri Interrupts White House Press Briefing to Answer Query
In yet another sign that the machine takeover is nigh, Siri interrupted a White House press briefing Thursday to answer a question about nuclear negotiations with Iran.
Press Secretary Josh Earnest was attempting to answer the question when Siri, Apple iOS' intelligent personal assistant, sudden…
iOS7 Can Make You SICK
So you’ve upgraded your iphone to  iOS 7 , and now you’re feeling sick about it.  I mean really sick, like you wanna throw up.  But nobody believes you, they all think you are crazy.

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