Taylor Swift performed 'All Too Well' at the 2014 Grammy Awards Sunday night (Jan. 26), and it was as emotional and heart-wrenching as one might expect.

The star -- who has made a lasting impression on multiple genres of music -- didn't lose any time beginning the performance; there were no elaborate dancers or grand entrances. Instead, immediately after being introduced by LL Cool J, Swift hit the first note on the black grand piano and dove into the song.

Although her band and backup singers were part of the 2014 Grammys performance, they were hidden within the shadows of the stage, literally giving Swift the spotlight -- and she used it well.

Her mature new haircut was was loosely waving around her face, and the real star of her ensemble was her dress -- a cascading, light-colored gown covered in rhinestones, with strands of beads loosely swaying down her shoulders and around her exposed back.

The singer mournfully sang the 'All Too Well' lyrics, casting glances at the audience to portray her deep emotion, but altogether immersing herself into the song, even appearing to be lost in the lines as she sang them.

Swift incorporated her typical hair tossing moves, adding a bit of flair to the powerful song, but most of it was just her voice and the piano. The 24-year-old received a standing ovation, and as the audience screamed and hollered, she cast a sad look, carrying out her performance until the very end.