Taylor Swift has made it clear that she loves to talk about love, heartbreak and every emotion that comes along with a dating relationship -- her music is her outlet. But although speculation swirls around every male that Swift smiles at, she actually hasn't dated that many people, British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran insists.

“The rumor that she dates a lot of people is a misconception,” he states, according to NY Daily News.

Sheeran surely knows more of Swift's personal life than the headline-hungry tabloids, as he's currently on her 2013 Red Tour and has become close to the star. “In the time that I’ve known her, which has been almost two years now, she has dated two people. Fact," he shares flatly.

Sheeran co-wrote 'Everything Has Changed,' a duet with Swift which is set to be her next single from 'Red,' and he's quick to jump to her defense when the rumor mills begin circulating -- especially since he was rumored to be dating the songstress earlier this year.

"In her entire life I think she’s dated around five or six people,” he assures. “I don’t like when people take shots at [Taylor] because I do know her personally and I think people get the wrong end of the stick.”

The 23-year-old is ever at the front lines, it seems, and she too has defended herself before, also revealing that she's only dated two people since 2010. "She’s so successful and she’s so nice and sweet to everyone that she meets,” Sheeran adds. “There is nothing bad to say but she was being pictured with a lot of dudes!”

Swift has divulged that she may get married someday... or could possibly stay single forever. Like her friend and esteemed country music icon Tim McGraw recently said, Taylor Swift can do whatever she wants.