Fourth of July weekend is relaxing and fun-filled for many Americans -- even busy superstars like Taylor Swift. And she's is kicking off the holiday in style ... turtle style.

The singer is kickin' back with model and actress Jaime King, and they're winding down by spending some time in the pool with some pretty adorable pool toys. In the video King posted on Instagram on Thursday (July 3), she and Swift are shown standing at the edge of the water, both holding onto inflatable animals. King's floatie of choice is a dolphin, while Swift opted for an cute, bright green turtle.

Together, the gal pals jump into the pool, and the video is filmed in slow motion so fans can see their hilarious expressions as they fly through the air and hit the water with a profound splash. Swift was certainly not moving at turtle pace when she was coasting above the water!

The 'Begin Again' singer ended her pool jump with two cool peace signs, looking completely relaxed and happy as she floated atop the turtle's back.

Swift is enjoying some much-deserved time off from working on her highly-anticipated new album, which her friend and British Star Ed Sheeran describes as "really good." The record will be an evolution, not simply a follow-up to her hit album 'Red.' It will be her fifth studio album.

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