Duck Brand duct tape can be used in tons of situations, but who knew it'd also create the perfect prom dress?

The popular Duck brand put out a call to teens to create and wear their own original and unique prom wear using Duck brand duct tape and/or Duck brand crafting tape as part of a scholarship contest called Stuck At Prom.

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Duck brand selects a panel of judges, and those judges determine the finalists based on:

  • Workmanship (20%)
  • Originality (20%)
  • Use of colors (20%)
  • Accessories (20%)
  • Use of Duck Brand Duck Tape (20%)

This year, 17-year-old Houston native Larissa Leon took home the $10,000 grand prize in the dress category. While Larissa currently resides in Washington, her dress was inspired by her Tejana heritage. It took 47 rolls and 163 hours of work to create this masterpiece! Talk about dedication.

Lari's Dress
Obed Cruz

"When I heard Duct Tape had a scholarship I knew I had to make a special creation," Larissa wrote of her work. "I was inspired by the folklorico styled dresses that stem from both indegenous and Spanish practices. The dresses are decorated with ribbon, flowers, and include a full flowy skirt. So I created a ruffled off the shoulder colorful folklorico flower gown. The gown is heavily detailed with flowers, Duct Tape lace, and ribboning to create the folkloric design. The gown was designed to honor my culture, helping me pay homage to my roots, along with making a beautiful dress for prom that’s made out of Duct Tape, something that many of my friends and family thought to be impossible."

Not only did Larissa create a beautiful prom dress out of duct tape, but she went the extra mile and added several accessories to go with her outfit. Larissa designed shoes, earrings, and even a purse to complete her ensemble.

Lari's Dress
Obed Cruz

The contest has happened annually since 2012, and this year $10,000 was awarded to 1 grand prize winner in the Dress Category, and 1 grand prize winner in the Tux Category. 8 runner-ups were also awarded a $500 Cash Scholarship and Duck Brand Prize Packs.

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