A press release from the city of Temple Police Department stated that on Friday, October 25, an ATM in Temple was burglarized.

Temple Police were dispatched in response to a burglary in process to 2363 Southwest HK Dodgen Loop, the location of a Chase Bank at approximately 4:20 AM.

Officers instantly noticed damage to an ATM and discovered that the machine had been forced open. Authorities have not released information on how much money was stolen from the machine.

I'm actually so shocked that the burglars were able to open the ATM so quickly! You might recall how far thieves in Waco went to retrieve money from an ATM. Those guys needed a stolen fork lift, U-Haul, and back-hoe to get the job done.

Honestly, I've always assumed that ATMs had to be pretty indestructible to just sit there full of cash. Guess not. Both ATM robberies occurred around 4 AM, so it's safe to assume that these were definitely planned.

Are they somehow connected? I'm not sure, but police are investigating 3 hooded suspects who fled the scene in a white Ford F-250.

Police are encouraging those with information to call the Temple Police Department at 254-298-5500.

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