Christmas is a perfect time of year for giving second chances, or giving something broken another chance to shine. This was the reason behind Russ Williams decision to build a 9-foot Christmas Tree made of broken toys inside the show room at DuBois Furniture in Temple.

The tree took about 15 hours to make with the help of Russ's friends and family. Williams says he hopes it helps people to appreciate the things they already have this holiday season. He also hopes his "Toys of Christmas Past" Tree will inspire central Texas residents to donate to sick children at McLane Children's Medical Center.

Some Children at McLane feel like Santa will not be able to bring them presents since they are at the clinic and not at home on Christmas. Williams is getting the word out that Temple residents are welcome to visit Dubois Furniture at 1052 Canyon Creek Drive in Temple to donate toys or funds for children at Mclane. You can also help McLane with toy donations by using the following link: