Temple Police Officer Bobby Cook was just released as the resource officer from Belton Independent School District following the controversy of handcuffing an 8-year-old boy at Pirtle Elementary School in February.

Parents of the second-grader filed a Level Two Grievance on Monday concerning the Belton ISD's handling of the situation.

Spokesman, Kyle DeBeer said the district requested that Officer Cook not return to its campuses after the video from his body cam surfaced, demonstrating his lack of  training as a school resource officer.

Cook never took courses offered for school resource officers and was only in that position at Pirtle Elementary since August 2015, Temple Police spokeswoman Shawana Neely said Monday, according to Temple Daily Telegram.

The parents initially filed a Level One Grievance with Belton ISD, citing that Principal Pamela Neves and Asst. Principal Lisa Stanford-Sortor did not handle the matter correctly.

The boy's step-father, Joshua Caruso, said they want an unbiased, third party investigation, training for all staff in crisis prevention and de-escalation procedures, and mediation for compensatory issues such as reimbursement and loss of educational opportunities.

He further explained that their son has been seeing a mental health specialist and was referred to monthly counseling on account of severe emotional distress caused by the school.