Clarification: Pirtle Elementary School is a Belton ISD school located in Temple.

The Temple Police Department is consulting with the Belton Independent School District on how to handle out-of-control students after a Temple officer tried to retrain an 8-year-old child with handcuffs Tuesday afternoon.

The officer was called to Pirtle Elementary School on Pea Ridge Road in Temple just after Noon. The officer was told that the child had thrown chairs and books in the cafeteria and office and hit staff members.

According to a statement from Temple PD Public Information Officeer Shawana Neely, the officer noted that teachers were overwhelmed and unsure of what measure to take to control the child, who they said was experiencing an emotional crisis.

The officer initially tried to talk to the student and calm him down, but the child responded negatively. When the officer asked the student to sit with him, the child reportedly lashed out in ways that could have hurt himself and others, so the officer placed the student in restraints.

According to the Officer Neely's statement, the restraints were ineffective due to the child's size, so the officer “maintained control of the student until a parent arrived.”

“While it is not our standard practice to place a student in restraints,” Neely said, “the officer felt it necessary in order to prevent the possibility of injury to the student and staff.”

Neely said the incident is being reviewed by department personnel.