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Video footage of the 2nd grader from Pirtle Elementary School in Belton ISD who was handcuffed by a police officer two weeks ago was released yesterday after the 8-year-old's parents provided consent to show it on KCEN.

Ethan, who is diagnosed with ADHD, can be heard screaming "owie!" after the officer put on the restraints.

“Stop struggling and it won’t hurt,” the Principal responded in the video.  “Are you sure you aren’t going to get in trouble for this?” the Principal then asks the police officer.

Ethan's parents, Joshua and Lisa Caruso of Temple, believe that the use of handcuffs was wrong and have shown disgust after seeing the video.

“I feel like they tortured him for an hour,” said Lisa Caruso, Ethan’s mother.

In the video, administrators and the officer try to calm Ethan down by instilling fear.

"I saw your dad with a belt," said the SRO.

"We're recording you," said the Asst. Principal.

You can also hear the officer utter the word, "pathetic," referring to the child's behavior.

Mrs. Caruso claims they were bullying his son.

In the video, you can see Ethan throwing a tantrum and slamming a chair in the cafeteria, but it is unclear on what truly set off the child. Communications Director for the Belton Independent School District declared it's "never been our policy to call police officers or law enforcement for unruly elementary students."

DeBeer goes on to explain how it was unclear why there was need to handcuff the child. He continued;

At every campus we have additional staff members who have received additional specialized training on how to DE-escalate a charged situation, and if necessary, how to appropriately and safely restrain a student.

The parents have yet to decide on filing a legal claim against the school district but are meeting to discuss their grievances this Friday. Ethan in the meantime has switched schools.