Temple Police have made an arrest in connection to the deadly hit & run Friday night.

Via Bell County Jail
Via Bell County Jail

KWTX is reporting that Darrell Gene Holloway, 60, was arrested by Temple Police Saturday.

The victims of the hit & run were a mother & son from Temple. Maria Marta Garza, 51, and Pedro Danny Garza, 33.

Holloway allegedly drove away from the scene, but then came back 20 minutes later. Temple police believed the man to be intoxicated and performed a sobriety screening.

The Criminal Investigation Division is preparing the case fro review with the Bell County District Attorney's office.

Two people are dead, and anothers life has been destroyed because of drinking and driving. We've improved car safety features so much in the past 30 years to protect people inside a vehicle, but yet have not done anything to protect people outside of the car. Is it too much to ask to attach a breathalyzer to the ignition switch to make sure you can't drink & drive? We're not saying you can drink. And we're not saying you can't drive. You just shouldn't do them together.

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