Don't be alarmed Temple, Texas, this is only a test.

Extended Siren Test

Prepare yourself for a test of the outdoor emergency sirens on Saturday, April 2 at 11am. KCEN reports that The City of Temple's Emergency Management will be testing all 25 outdoor emergency sirens for 3 full minutes, the same amount of time they would sound in an actual emergency.

Emergencies in Temple, Texas

It wasn't long ago that we heard these siren go off during an actual emergency. Tornado threats hit Central Texas on Monday, March 21 and several emergency sirens went off to warn residents to seek shelter. That evening featured several emergency sirens.

Testing Testing

The City of Temple tests their sirens every Saturday. The first Saturday of the month Temple does a 90 second test. Other Saturdays they do what is called a grumble test. You may hear it if you're close by one of the towers.

Stay Safe Temple

Siren tests are great for those outdoors but many people don't hear these sirens when they are indoors. TV's, radios and other noise may prevent you from hearing these sirens in an actual emergency. The best way to make sure you don't miss an actual alert is by signing up for "alert Temple."

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Staying safe during an emergency situation takes planning and preparedness. Temple's siren test on Saturday is an important step in notifying residents that an emergency is happening but remember, on Saturday at 11am, it's only a test, no need to panic.

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