Jobs! Jobs! and more Jobs!

The Temple, Texas job market is about get a huge boost.

KCEN reports that Temple will soon be home to a new FedEx Ground facility, and with it comes the jobs.

Opening Soon

The new facility will be a 250,000 square foot distribution center in the Northwest Dodgen Loop and Trino Road area. The location is perfect because it has easy access to highways, plus the good people of Temple and surrounding towns offer a large workforce.

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The report mentions that FedEx Ground's investment in the new facility would be at least $40 million, and although there is no firm number of available jobs mentioned, similar distribution centers the same size would typically employ about 180 to 200 people.

This should be welcome news to anyone who's been looking for work or is considering a career change.

The Temple Economic Development Corporation announced the facility's development on January 13, and said Temple has become a prime location for supply chain operations due to accessibility and convenience. Makes sense, considering we're right on I-35 and pretty much in the center of Texas.

Central Texas Growth

Central Texas continues to see growth, as does the rest of the Lone Star State.

According to a recent report from U-Haul, Texas is the number 1 growth state in America, meaning more people are loading up and heading our way.

Austin, Round Rock and Georgetown are among the most popular areas seeing an influx of new residents. Houston and surrounding area and the Dallas-Fort Wort metroplex is also a very popular area for growth.

As those people are searching for affordable housing, Temple, Killeen and Waco are become bigger places of interest.

Keeping the commerce growth healthy here in Central Texas is a must. Adding a FedEx Ground facility is a great step toward the future of keeping Central Texans working.

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