The Temple, Texas Police Department was sent to respond to an emergency call for a domestic violence attack on the 800 block of North General Bruce Drive. After arriving, officers were able to quickly locate a woman who had visible signs of a physical altercation including swelling to her face and blood on the front of her shirt.

After speaking with the Temple Police Officers to report what had happened to her before their arrival, law enforcement members determined that she was indeed the victim of domestic violence allegedly at the hands of her boyfriend.

The boyfriend was identified as 20 year old Jorden Campbell and was immediately handcuffed and placed into the back of a patrol car as the officers continued their investigation. While cuffed in the backseat, Campbell began thrashing about and began kicking the cage inside the cruiser, screaming, and attempting to unbuckle himself.

What happened after the violent outburst in the back of the police vehicle?

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In an effort to calm down Campbell who was acting erratically, the police opened the door and Campbell used that opening to attempt to run from the police. He was quickly reacquired, and then transported to the Bell County Jail.

Campbell just last December was convicted and served time for domestic assault, and now he is heading right back to jail on domestic assault charges. Bond has been set at over $75,000 for the current charges.

This time with the alleged choking and being a repeat offense, it is likely he will be facing much greater prison time. Read more in this Killeen Daily Herald article.

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