Everything is bigger in Texas, including the bugs!

Meet the Vinegaroon, sometimes called the Whip Scorpion. These guys are pretty much all over Texas but are mainly spotted in west Texas, especially around El Paso.

It's technically an arachnid, so you spider lovers out there will be thrilled that this eight legged guy is basically part of two terrifying worlds combined. Spiders and Scorpions!

When trying to fend off predators the Vinegaroon can spray acetic acid which gives off a vinegar-like odor and thus the name. It's a critter that came over from Africa, and if you want to avoid them stay away from logs, rotting wood, or rocks, cause these guys like to burrow around and underneath these objects.

While they make look horrifying, as seen in the video below, even if you try to pick one up they usually won't try to bite you unless you really annoy them. While these guys are pretty nasty looking, we do give them props for being the kind of bug that prays on roaches and crickets.