San Antonio native and for all intents and purposes the reigning queen of TV comedy Carol Burnett is doing something she hasn't done for 25 years.

Theo Wargo/NBC, Getty Images

After much bidding by the networks, Carol will star in a new comedy produced by Amy Poehler. The show does not yet have a title but it does have a premise: a family buys a house, one they ordinarily wouldn't be able to afford, but it comes with the stipulation  that they live in it with its previous owner, an aging Hollywood starlet played by Burnett. ABC will air the show.

I'd hoped Amy Poehler would star with Carol in the show but she's only the producer with Universal. Still, there could be the guest shot during sweeps.

At 80 years of age, one wonders why Carroll would undertake the busy schedule of the TV sitcom. She's never done a sitcom before, and it seems slightly confining given her versatility and talent. Then again, her friend Betty White is a sitcom mainstay and just nailed it on Hot in Cleveland.

Either way, congrats to Carol, Amy, ABC, and us for getting to see this funny native Texan each week yet again!