Irving, Texas plans to have an American Flag outside of each residence, business, and houses of worship on the 4th of July holiday. Fox News reports volunteers are hitting the streets this weekend to pass out all the flags to residents and businesses ahead of Wednesday.

I remember as a kid growing up in the old Maywood/Melrose Park area of the Chicago suburbs. We had the horse races (Maywood Racetrack), and a Kiddie Land for fun in the summer. Every 4th of July, we had more flags than you could count. Everywhere. Each house had one, up and down the street, as far as you could see. Everyone did their own little local version of the 4th of July parade, and red, white, and blue could be seen every which way ya looked.

The older I got the fewer flags I would see. It makes me sad that in some towns in 2018 you wouldn't even know it's Independence Day. This news out of Irving is refreshing. Irving resident Nell Hunt is responsible for much of this. She heads up a group called the Great Flag Caper. She would go around and surprise folks with flags for the 4th. Over the years more and more folks joined her until the city finally told her they wanted to join her in the effort.

Fox 4 News - Dallas-Fort Worth via youtube
We all want the same thing for our country and our families. We want safe neighborhoods and we want children to be educated properly and so we’re all alike under the flag. And so we come and celebrate that.