File this under WTF! A San Antonio police officer has been fired for giving a homeless person a fecal sammy!


The officer, Mattthew Luckhurst, has been with the San Antonio Police Department for five years. He was fired from the Department after bragging about feeding a piece of poop between two pieces of bread to a homeless person, according to

Luckhurst told a fellow officer that he placed it in a container next a homeless man. The officer later reported her told Luckhurt to throw the container away and assumed he did so. Internal Affairs have been unable to locate the homeless man.

Luckhurst will be appealing the indefinite suspension, but it appears his former colleagues are all on the same page about this truly disgusting act.

The police Chief William McManus, said:

This was a vile and disgusting act that violates our guiding principles of ‘treating all with integrity, compassion, fairness and respect. The fact that his fellow officers were so disgusted with his actions that they reported him to Internal Affairs demonstrates that this type of behavior will never be tolerated. The action of this one former officer in no way reflects the actions of all the other good men and women who respectfully serve this community.