Recently, a park in Arlington, Texas was shut down due to a coyote attacking three children. Here's what we know at the time of writing.

Coyote Attacks Children In Texas

According to FOX 4, Parkway Central Park in Arlington, Texas had been dealing with an major issue in regards three separate coyote attacks. FOX 4 reports that the attacks occurred on Saturday of last week, and Monday and Tuesday of this week. The park was closed, and patrols were put in place to find the animal in question.

The park was closed while organizations were searching for the animal. Videos were also captured of the coyote walking around the park as well:

Thankfully though, it seems the search for the coyote ended in a capture of the animal.

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Details Of The Capture Of The Coyote

FOX 4 revealed that the animal was captured Thursday morning at 7:30 AM. The coyote attempted to attack officers, but it was shot non-lethally and caught. Video of the animal being taken into a vehicle was also provided by FOX 4:

Arlington Animal Services stated, via Ashley Woolnough, who is part of the organization, that they believe the right aggressive coyote has been captured, but time will only tell:

"We assume this may be one of the problem coyotes we've been dealing with because it was aggressive...With the actions that have been described, with the animal actively aggressive towards people, we hope this is the right one. However, we will continue efforts and we aren’t stopping now."

As this is a developing story, we will have more information when it becomes available.

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