5-year-old Katelyn Vincik of Victoria, TX received an incredible gift thanks to a team of designers and a library's 3D printer.

Katelyn was born without a fully-formed left hand, which her mother, Kimberly, says never slowed her down. Katelyn had tried a cosmetic prosthetic before, but wasn't comfortable with it and hoped to find something that felt more natural and was functional.

Her family did some research and discovered that the Clear Lake City-County Freeman Branch of the Harris County Library near Houston had a 3D printer generously donated by a former patron.

The Vinciks reached out to librarian Jim Johnson, who asked the branch's Innovation Lab Team if it would be possible to print a prosthetic for Katelyn. The team said they'd only ever used their 3D printer to make trinkets and help with science fair projects, but they accepted the challenge.

Using plans donated by a group called "Enabling the Future", the team was able to put together a pink and purple prosthetic, which they delivered to Katelyn's home.

The little girl's reaction was priceless - she reportedly turned to her sister and said, "Now we can hold hands!"

Patrick Ferrell, who works at the library's Innovation Lab, said it was an honor and privilege to deliver the arm, and that volunteers did most of the work. He added that the group hopes to modify Katelyn's new arm as she grows, and perhaps even teach her how to design her own prosthetic in the future.