Football and Texas go hand in hand don't they? Many say that high school football is big in other states, but they don't compare to Texas. With huge stadiums and even bigger fandoms, high school football season in the Lone Star state is a sight to behold.

But many may not realize all the planning that goes into making sure a gameday goes perfect. One of the most important things needed is, of course, transportation for teams possibly traveling to an away stadium. However, it's not just the team that requires a vehicle to and from the area.

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For example, bands and cheerleaders are a massive part of the game. However, factors beyond the control of students are hampering that ability.

Bus Driver Shortages Changing Plans

According to the Texas Tribune, schools have had to make multiple changes with not enough bus drivers to drive students. The Tribune stated various factors like child care challenges, slowdowns in immigration, and the COVID 19 Pandemic.

This problem isn't just prominent in one area of Texas as well, it's throughout the state. Attempts have been made like raising the pay of bus drivers in the state, plus holding job fairs to hire new drivers.

The time to train new drivers is also a factor in the current shortage of buses. According to the Texas Department Of Safety, federal classes must be taken before a person is able to take the test for their CDL license. According to the Tribune, those classes cost money and take potentially two or three weeks.

Hopefully soon, this problem will be fixed, and everyone can enjoy the Friday night lights.

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