A record number of cases of Covid-19 were reported in Texas on Tuesday.

Covid-19 cases reported in Texas rose to a record number of 10,008, and cases in Central Texas increased over 300 with a total of 4,917.  Mclennan County has seen a whopping increase and their total is up to 2,044.

According to News 10, he Texas Department of State Health Services has reported a total of 210,585 cases and 99,385 are still active.

108,485 patients have recovered so far from the virus.

Hospitalizations were way up for the first time over the July 4th holiday weekend.  They have quadrupled in Texas in the past month.

1,628 cases were reported in Bell County Tuesday, which includes Fort Hood.

Bell County Health District reports 469 patients have recovered from the virus.

“We have seen more people in our community being hospitalized as a result of COVID-19. As it has been for the last several updates those under the age of 60 are driving the cases with about 82% of all cases in those under 60 years of age,” Bell County Public Health District Director Amanda Robison-Chadwell said.

You can see Bell County's live COVID-19 dashboard here.

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