The cold is back in Texas folks!

It's a brief pause from the extreme heat we deal with on the regular right? Plus, it's a great reason to break out the flannel too! So safe to say, some Texans are enjoying the chance to stay indoors, perhaps next to the fireplace.

However, what some in the state forget to remember sometimes is that things outside will also be looking to warm up. Every animal does indeed get cold after all! Texas, of course, is no different.

So when things get too cold, these animals will also try to find their way to a warm area, which unfortunately, could end up in your home. But there's way more than one that could appear in your home, which of course isn't unsettling at all right? Well, thanks to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, we know who could make uninvited visits to your house.

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Animals That Could Invade Your Texas Household

So here's a list, as well as you can avoid them entering your abode:



The Star-Telegram states that rats and mice are biggest threat to entering Texas homes. To avoid them making their presence known in your home, the news organization says to secure any areas their might be able to enter.

Fire Ants


Yes, even during the winter time, fire ants can still tick us off, and in our homes of all places! Much like stopping the mice or rats, the Star-Telegram recommends closing any potential entry points.



Yes, even little animals, such as fleas, will make their way into Texas households. The Star-Telegram reports the best way to keep them off pets and outside your home, is make you pets is treated for them, and make sure that your home has a way to prevent flea reproduction.



Nobody, and we mean NOBODY, like cockroaches. Cockroaches are unable to live in under 15 degree weather, and the Star-Telegram reports they make their ways into homes via firewood that you may bring in, as well as finding holes to squeeze though in the house. The Star-Telegram instructs residents in the state to make sure food is sealed, and inspecting to see signs of any chance of infestation.

Be smart, and be safe Texas! Keep these animals out of your house!

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