I recently moved from Louisiana to Texas. That's almost like a rhetorical question. It is such a no-brainer. Almost the whole time there was spent thinking about how great it would be to get back to Texas. Some wishes do come true, and the family are now the newest residents of the Killeen-Temple area.

Eastbound and Down

While heading back one last time after closing on the house to pack up all our stuff, I thought it would be fun to document perhaps the last time ever making the drive through East Texas. For the most part, it was a pretty tame drive, and I really enjoyed taking time on the journey.

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Take A Little Trip With Me

Oftentimes when traveling with very young kids, it is one unplanned stop after another with sprinting from the car to the nearest bathroom. Thank goodness there's a Whataburger in almost every town. This time, the ride was leisurely, and the roadside attractions were actually noticed. Hope you enjoy retaking the trip with me.

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Mesa Vista Ranch, Massive Estate of Texas Billionaire T. Boone Pickens

T. Boone Pickens' Mesa Vista Ranch encompasses around 100 square miles of picturesque ranch land along the Canadian River in the northeastern Texas Panhandle.

This property includes multiple homes, several golf holes, a chapel, a runway and hangar, bird dogs, and much more. The property was recently put up for sale with an asking price of $170,000,000.

It recently sold, but no details have been offered on the actual buying price.

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