Flying anywhere sometimes is a stressful time for an individual. There's a lot to do and plan ahead for. But one thing we all get a little ticked off at begins right before we take off to our destination.

What are we talking about? Well it's getting on the plane itself. We all get held up by one person either putting something in the bins above, or getting into the right seat.

Yes, boarding can cause some individuals to get angrier than usual. But in those situations, it's important to remember than we're all trying to make things work, and we all have the same goal to get to our destination. Unfortunately, some lose their cool, and the actions they take cause consequences.

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Man From Texas Loses Ability To Fly On One Airline

According to KRON4, on April 30th, 2023, a man from Montgomery, Texas, Cody Benjamin Lovins was taken into custody and charged with battery. According to law enforcement, who were alerted to situation around the time of midnight, Lovins assaulted a flight attendant.

After he was detained, he was released but the airline also stated that he won't be able to fly United Airlines again, as a spokesperson for the airline said to KRON4:

“This customer’s behavior was unacceptable, and he has been banned from future United flights and we are working with local law enforcement in their investigation."

So remember when you're going to fly anywhere, remember to pack some extra patience!

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