Let's all be real for a moment, airline travel can sometimes be very stressful for individuals. Recently, one video went absolutely viral on the internet, with the individual in question claiming to see an individual that wasn't there. Since then, rumors have been rampant about if the woman truly saw something, while passengers on the plane provided other reasons for the moment in question.

While speculation was truly at an all time about the woman, information was slowly found out. The individual in the video, Tiffany Gomas, was discovered to be from Dallas, Texas. Many wondered if, at all, she would ever acknowledge the moment of distress she underwent.

After nearly a month of silence, Gomas has come forward, regretting her actions and apologizing for the harm she may have caused to those on the plane.

Gomas And Her Apology

In a video posted by TMZ, Gomas makes an appearance for the first time since the viral video, even jokingly referring to herself as the "crazy plane lady:"

In the video, she sincerely apologizes for the way she acted, especially towards the parents who had little ones on the flight. She also mentioned her profanity usage, which in her words was "completely unnecessary."

Gomas also mentioned that while the memes have actually been funny, some individuals went a little bit too far invading on her personal life. She closes with the hope that people will accept her apology, and everyone can allow her to move on.

In my opinion, the fact that she owned her actions, and didn't shy away from admitting she messed up, it should be enough for all us to forgive her. Here's the next flight being a fun one Tiffany! This time with everyone on board being real too!

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