Matt McNellis and his girlfriend went fishing on Lake Bardwell near Ennis, Texas and hooked this record setting large mouth bass with a chicken McNugget!

McNellis with the McNugget for the win! The fish weighs in at over ten pounds and measures two and a half feet in length. According to, the folks at Highview Marina have declared the bass the largest ever caught in Lake Bardwell.

McNellis had visited the lake earlier in the month of May and left without making a catch. When he returned, he decided to go with fast-food bait to switch things up. We'd say it worked! He told KDAF that he planned on continuing with fast-food as bait when he returns to the lake on his next fishing trip. McNellis says next time he wants to try to use French Fries from Wendy's.

As for the bass, McNellis returned the fish to the water after documenting the catch. That means that big fella is still out there. We're gonna need a bigger boat! lol.

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