Someone you may know is now a new millionaire after scratching off Million Dollar Loteria ticket they purchased a this little corner grocery in Central Texas. In general, my family and I do not participate in the lottery, even when the recent Powerball jackpot was almost $2 billion, we did not even spend the $2 to take a shot at something that is statistically less likely than being struck by lightning.

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However, if my wife was to ever play the lottery, or ask me to pick up some tickets, this little corner grocery is exactly the type of place she thinks would be lucky enough to hit it big. Somehow she has it in her head it is the people that go to off the beaten path lottery locations that have more success than the rest of us, and that you win there when you least expect it.

You may recall the recent movie about a retired couple that mastered the lottery?

If you are a frequent scratch of ticket player, you may find this article interesting on which games give you the best odds of winning a big jackpot. And just to add fuel to my wife's fire, you may recall this traveler who took home $5 million to complement their Texas sunburn.

Where did Central Texas's newest millionaire buy their winning scratcher?

Turns out the winner this time was from Waco who purchased the $20 tickets at the Bellmead Grocery Mart on Old Dallas Road. You can read more in this KCEN article.

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