Texas is known for many things, but little known to most is the National Museum of Funeral History sits quietly in Houston. This quirky place, adds an element of fun to a typically somber subject.

From caskets to hearses, costumes and cars, this museum offers a wide variety of memorabilia related to the funeral industry and customs in a historical context.

The National Museum of Funeral History explores the way celebrities' lives have been celebrated, and the way popes have been interred, as well as customs practiced by common individuals.

Here's a Behind the Scenes look at an area that is dedicated to Popes.

There's even a casket decorated with currency.

19th Century morning costumes, and the history of the wake! People during this time feared that they would be buried alive, so their body was displayed before burial, just in case.

Learn the history of hearses and funeral carriages...

...even a replica of the 1966 batmobile is found at the National Museum of Funeral History! It's part of tribute to George Barris, who customized the car.



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