Every day, there are thousands of phone calls in the state of Texas.

There's multiple reasons for a call to be placed as well. It could be a check-in with a family member, a reminder of an appointment, or to place an order for for food perhaps. Needless to say, we've all heard a phone ringing around us in the Lone Star State.

But instead of answering phone calls, we'll be talking about missing phone calls. We've all left our phone somewhere and missed a call or two. It stinks, because sometimes, it's a ring we've been waiting for.

But, unfortunately, there's always a chance the call some in the Lone Star State could be one thing we all hate: a scam. One new one should definitely on everyone's radar: the 'One Ring' scam.

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Is There A Way To Avoid The 'One Ring' Phone Scam In Texas?

According to the FCC, the scam works like this: the scammer calls your phone, lets it ring once, and then hangs up. The number shows up as one from around the United States, but isn't actually in the nation. If you decide to call back to the number, you put yourself at risk for fees.

It's very difficult sometimes to figure out which numbers could be a part of the scam, however GoBankingRates has us covered. Here's ones you should wary of:

216: Cleveland, Ohio
218: Northern Minnesota
232: Sierra Leone
268: Antigua and Barbuda
284: British Virgin Islands
332: New York City
347: New York City
469: Dallas, Texas
473: Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique
649: Turks and Caicos Islands
646: Manhattan
657: La Palma, California
664: Montserrat
712: Western Iowa
767: Commonwealth of Dominica
809: Dominican Republic
829: Dominican Republic
849: Dominican Republic
876: Jamaica

Be smart, and keep an eye on those phones Texas!

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