There is probably not a scarier feeling a parent can ever experience than not knowing where your child is. Police are asking people in Killeen-Temple, Texas and surrounding area to keep an eye out for Navaeh Norwood.

Norwood is 14 years old, was last seen on February 8, and is 5 feet 4 inches tall. It is believe she was last wearing khaki pants with a black tee shirt. The Temple Police shared her picture on this Facebook post.

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When people go missing, we can only hope all our access to technology will assist in finding them. Locating Norwood could be greatly benefitted by the smallest clue. If you see anything, or hear news of her whereabouts, please call Temple Police at 254-298-5500. That is a non emergency line, and every tip may add to the cumulative effort to relocate Norwood.

What steps do you take when a child is missing?

According to MissingKids.Org, these are the immediate steps that should be taken when a child can't be found.

1. Immediately call law enforcement.

2. After calling local law enforcement, also call 1-800-The-Lost (800-843-5678)

3. If the child has gone missing while at home, search anywhere a child can crawl. Places like laundry baskets, clothing piles, under beds, inside closets, large appliances, vehicles including trunk space are all spots that children will often hide.

4. If the child is missing in a store, make contact with store personnel, and then call law enforcement immediately.

5. Finally, always have a recent photo available to share, and do your best to remember what they were last wearing, seen, going, and with at the time they went missing.

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