Vaccinations are something that have become a common discussion in any local Mom group on Facebook. A simple search on Google will tell you that vaccinations save lives, but yet there are still those who dispute the facts.

A new study, lists 2019's States that Vaccinate the Most. Topping the list in order, is Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, North Dakota, and New Hampshire. The bottom five states on the list are Indiana, Georgia, Florida, Texas, and Mississippi.

Source: WalletHub

Texas is also in the bottom five states for lowest flu vaccination coverage among adults, as well as highest share of civilian non-institutionalized population without health insurance coverage.

Come on Texas! Really? As a native Texan, I carry the belief that Texas is the best in everything. Obviously somewhere along the line we have went astray.

As stated at the beginning of this article, vaccinations save lives. When adults and children do not get vaccinated, then previous diseases that were eliminated or controlled can come back and cause an epidemic.

I am so thankful to live in a world where science and medicine is so far advanced. We should all take advantage of the vaccinations that are available to us today. If you have questions about vaccinations you should visit the CDC and schedule an appointment with your local physician.

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