Going to the beach is always fun, especially in Texas. As the state has access to various bodies of water, even though sometimes the color is rather worrying for various reasons. But for the most part, a Texas beach trip should always be in the cards during the hot months of Texas.

As with any trip, there are many things one should consider when going to the shore. Remembering to bring sunscreen is a definite must. Also maybe some cold waters or adult beverages for those wishing to partake? But Texans should also keep an eye on the waters themselves.

Those wishing to get one more trip in before the colder temperatures roll in, may want to wait one more week, according to new warning issued recently.

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Red Tide Blooms Roll Into Texas This Weekend

According to CBS Austin, The National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science put out a warning in regards to the algae. The areas of concern listed are Brazoria, Cameron, and Galveston counties in the state. Not only are Red Tide Blooms deadly to fish, they are also very harmful to humans.

The news organization reports that the blooms cause respiratory problems, and eye irritation. Now thankfully, symptoms that the blooms cause will subside after a few hours once you leave the area they reside. But if the symptoms continue after leaving the area, you should go see a doctor.

Be safe on the beaches this weekend Texas! Of course, have fun too!

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