The price of everything, including rent, is taking a bigger chunk out of paychecks all over the country.

Finding an affordable place to live is a real struggle, and it doesn't look like things will be improving anytime soon.

To make things even more difficult, many Killeen landlords are starting to sell properties, shrinking the available rental market even further.

What Can Be Done?

Local officials have been trying to get more landlords on board to increase available rental units.

Last month our news partner, KWTX quoted Carmen Lin, the director of Central Texas Council of Government’s Housing Division, as saying that their priority was assistance for homeless families.

The Central Texas Council of Government's Housing Division covers seven counties, helping with housing placement for low-income families, the elderly, and disabled individuals.

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Things Are Tough All Over

Apartment List estimates that the average cost of rent for new leases has increased by double digits in several Texas cities since March 2020.

In Waco and Temple rentals costs rose over 30% in the last two years, according to the Texas Tribune.

No Rent Control in Texas

In larger cities outside of Texas, rent control limits how much housing costs can increase for certain units.

Things are different in Texas.

A housing emergency caused by a disaster is the only way rent control takes effect in Texas. It's also not that cut and dried, because before any decision affecting rent prices goes into effect, it must be approved by the governor.

A Bigger Problem

Supply and demand is the real issue, according to the Texas Tribune.

"The reason that the cost of housing — not just rental housing, but single-family housing — has gone up so much in North Texas over the past several years has really been because we are not producing enough supply to meet the demand.”

-Ian Mattingly, president of the Apartment Association of Greater Dallas

There aren't many options for those who can't afford the higher rent prices.

To help balance the budget, you can try to cut back on expenses, find ways to make extra money, or attempt to negotiate with your landlord.

Unfortunately, it just doesn't look like things will get cheaper anytime soon.

Maybe an extra roommate would help!


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