Money is getting tighter, grocery prices are rising, and more people need a helping hand every day to put food on their table. Also, over the past few months, many recipients of SNAP benefits have experienced delays, due to increased applications and staff shortages at the Texas Health and Human Services Commission office.

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However, there is some good news for November, if you live in Texas and are having trouble making ends meet.

November 2022 SNAP Texas Benefits

As of this writing, Governor Abbott's office has not yet made an official announcement regarding SNAP benefits after October 31st, however, according to the site Low Income Relief, Texas has received approval for November 2022. Benefits will be sent on a randomized staggered schedule from November 3rd through November 10th.

Over 1,467,951 households will receive these extra benefits.

Deposit Schedules For New SNAP Recipients

If you recently became eligible for SNAP in Texas, says you will have a short delay in getting your benefits. Typically, new SNAP recipients will receive their emergency allotment benefits about 1 month after the extra food stamp benefits are initially issued.

How Do I Check on Snap Benefits?

Those waiting on an application to be processed can contact 2-1-1, (the Texas Information and Referral Network), Option 1, to receive a referral to available resources. For food bank information, you can reach out to the agency’s community partner, Feeding Texas.

In Temple, the HHS office is located at 4501 S General Bruce Drive in Gateway Center, and 400 Stefek Drive in Killeen.

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