In a story that sounds like it is right out of a fantasy novel a woman from Silsbee, Texas - just a little north of Beaumont in Hardin County - feels fortunate to be alive after what can only be described as an event on par statistically with winning the Megamillions. Having a snake encounter is nothing out of the ordinary if you have spent even a moderate amount of time visiting the Lone Star State, let alone being a lifelong resident.

The difference here is she did not stumble upon a snake in the yard, along a path, or after turning over something that had been lying about for a long time. This snake struck from above like a ninja leaping from the secret of a tree branch.

Only, there was no tree, or rooftop, or other source of elevation than the sky. That is right, this snake fell out of the clear, bright blue, ginormous Texas sky.

There are no such things as flying snakes, right?

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To the best of my knowledge, but I am no herpetologist, snakes cannot fly. This is where the hawk attack part of the story comes in.

Had you already forgotten about the hawk? It probably happened like this.

A snake was living its best life all care free on an afternoon day when a bird of prey decided to pickup the reptile as an unwilling hitchhiker. Well, naturally the snake objects, fights its way free of the bird, falls from the sky unto the soft landing of Peggy Jones's arm, and instead of saying thank projects its hawk anger onto a woman just trying to mow her yard.

The hawk none too pleased, dives down and attempts to strip the snake from the arm it is now tightly wrapped. Finally, Peggy gets free and is rushed to the hospital by her adoring husband. The End.

Read more in this KSDK article. After all that, even I would think about leaving Texas.

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