From the "now I've heard it all" file...

Woman lists house in Friendswood, Texas.

Woman sells house. Congratulations, young realtor. 22-years-old and already making sales.

Woman calls man-friend after closing to celebrate. They rendezvous at the now-closed property and proceed to get down to "personal business." And it doesn't involve a title attorney, if you know what I mean.

Curiously, it does involve flashlights though the activity is often done in the dark. Being attractive people, maybe they wanted to shine a little light on the situation.

Neighbor sees flashlight activity in the window across the way. The area has seen its share of squatters breaking into homes so he calls the police.

Police arrive to see if there was any squatting going on. They look through the window and they see something going on. A little something something to be exact. (No word on whether physical squatting was going on.)

Couple is arrested and the family which just purchased the house from the young realtor in question decide to file charges against her. Never mind that she was doing her job before doing a dirty job. No word on whether this will affect the young lady's commission, though it could be argued she already received a big bonus.

She also told authorities they were married and had purchased the home. What she didn't tell the cops was that she had some weed in her car.

For whatever reason, it ends up on the evening news. Wha-whaaaa.

I gotta tell ya, I think this is just dumb. She certainly pushed the boundaries but for the couple to have this kind of publicity for what is essentially a very inconsequential act - it goes on in adult movies all the time - seems unfair.

Also, did I mention they were extremely attractive people?