Everyone's gearing up for fall with back-to-school shopping and while there are tons of deals to be found at most office/school supply stores, I thought I would share the weekly promotions Office Depot/Office Max is rolling out.

Every week the company puts out a handful of school supplies that you can buy for one penny. You read that right: one penny. One of our Account Managers has been returning every week as she stocks up for the school year for her children and she alerted me to this deal.

If that particular week doesn't have any one-penny deals for the supplies you need, fear not. They also have Dollar Deals and products on sale for 25 or 50 cents.


If the supplies at Office Max are sold out, Staples has come forward saying they will not only match Office Max deals, they will take off an additional 10%. So if something is listed at 25 cents in Office Max, you can take your coupon to Staples and buy the same product for about 22 cents.

Don't forget that this weekend is tax-free weekend on school supplies.

You can thank me later with a box of 25 cent pencils if you'd like.


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