Life is hard.  And as a public service I, the Big Q, have been asked to do my share and help a listener out.  I should say first and foremost, the opinions expressed are mine and not necessarily those of this station and/or it's advertisers.  Read on at your own risk. As January rolls through, stories about kind acts in December are making there way around the planet.  For example; In a Winnipeg coffeehouse some nice customer, in the drive through, decided to pay for the order of the car behind him.  Nice gesture.  So the next car paid for the car behind them.  This “pay it forward”, or I guess, “backward” gesture started rolling like an avalanche and lasted for 3 hours and a total of 228 orders. General Manager Troy Thompson said

"There was a lot of energy in the store. Our team was really excited and shouting out the number of pay it forwards all morning."  They didn’t say anything about the person who stopped the “pay it forward”, but that brings me to the Big Q Tip of the Day…If you get in line at the drive through, intending to pay for…something, then pay for something.  You just don’t know when you might be breaking a chain of good deeds.  Then you just find out what spit in coffee taste like.