The city of Killeen saw an increase in revenue from citations issued by automated red light cameras last year.

The five cameras, strategically placed at busy intersections along the U.S. Highway 190 corridor, brought in close to $1,800 more in revenue during fiscal year 2011-2012 – a slight increase from the prior fiscal year. Revenue totaled $596,471 with some additional money coming from fees.

Killeen takes in $14 per ticket, which it then splits with the State of Texas and private company Redflex Traffic Systems – suppliers of the cameras. The revenue that Killeen keeps is usually invested in traffic safety measures through the Killeen Police Department, though it is occasionally used to meet other city needs.

The cameras are being credited with reducing the number of traffic accidents since being installed in 2008. Drivers can spot them at the following locations:

Stan Schlueter Loop and Central Texas Expressway

Fort Hood Street and Central Texas Expressway

Trimmier Road and Central Texas Expressway

W.S. Young Drive and Central Texas Expressway

Lowe’s Boulevard and Trimmier Road