At this point, you don't need the news telling you how cold it is. You're wearing thicker socks, you have layers on and you're heater is running - you know it's cold. But how cold can it really get here in Central Texas? Weather projections say it could get as low as the teens Friday morning.

I know North and West Texas see their fair share of snow every so often, but not here in Central Texas. Even though temperatures have dropped below freezing almost every year, snow just doesn't stick.

At we found the coldest days of every year between 1973 and 2016. Below you'll find the 5 coldest days in the last 43 years around the parts of Killeen, Temple, Belton and the rest of Bell County.

*Note all temperatures are measured in Fahrenheit

  • December, 1983 - 9 Degrees
  • January, 2010 - 9 Degrees
  • January, 1973 - 7 Degrees
  • January, 1982 - 6 Degrees
  • December, 1989 - 2 Degrees

So yes, it does get way below freezing out here in Central Texas every once in a while.

However, the coldest recorded temperature recorded in Central Texas was in the city of Austin on January 31, 1949. The temperature recorded was -2 Degrees Fahrenheit! I'm sorry, I do not live in Texas for that statistic.

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