If you were betting big on Texas finally lifting its ban on casino gambling this year, I hope you have a place to hide from your bookie.

The legalization of casino resorts in the Lone Star State was a priority for some lawmakers this year, and Las Vegas Sands spent millions on a media campaign to drum up public support.

Now a state rep tells the Dallas Morning News there's just no time to get it done this year.

Yeah, seriously - that's the excuse.

“There’s not time for it to pass this session,” said Rep. John Kuempel, R-Seguin.

Why can't it be simple? Turns out that the Texas Constitution itself bans most forms of gambling, so for it to be overturned, the legislature would need a two-thirds vote from lawmakers and then the majority of voters would need to vote for approval before it could become a law.The fight to legalize gambling will continue. Those working to legalize it know it's a long-term effort. Sen. Carol Alvarado, D-Houston, has been working on some form of gambling legalization for over the last 10-years, “I’m more optimistic than I’ve ever been, we’ve known all this is a long-term attempt.”

Seems like we're closer than ever to getting it done. The Dallas Cowboys, Mavericks, and Texas Rangers are all in support of legalized sports gambling with ten percent of winnings going towards public schools. Folks are also for allowing casinos to operate, giving Texas' three federally-recognized Indian tribes the ability to build and operate casinos on their land and developers like Las Vegas Sands the OK to build resorts.

The Sports Betting Alliance is still hoping to get a committee vote that would allow sports betting apps that don't provide protection for consumers.

Overall this is good progress, but legalized gambling in the state of Texas is still a no.

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