I remember the first time I heard Brothers Osborne I was blown away, those harmonies are harmonies that only siblings could pull off! The two brothers who constantly stir the pot on Twitter with their off the beaten path mindset. They're entertaining, hilarious, and are always rooting on the underdog. They use their social media platform to cheer on their peers in Nashville who are trying to emerge in the country music scene. The Brothers Osborne won "Vocal Duo" and "Video" of the Year for "It Ain't My Fault". Chances are, they will have a lot more to celebrate with their upcoming album. Their new album "Port Saint Joe" is named after the Florida beach town where they recorded the album. The album will be released on April 20, 2018. The first song they released from the album is "Shoot Me Straight". When you pre-order the album you can listen to "Weed, Whiskey, and Willie" and Pushing Up Daisies (Love Alive)".

The song that I am infatuated with right now is called "Pushing Up Daisies (Love Alive)", talk about a good ole' love song. "I'd promise you forever if I could. If I could slow down the hands of time I would. I know they say all good things must end. If I can do it all over well I'll do it all over, over and over again. We'll go on till we're pushing up daisies. Grow old and wise and I'll still be calling you baby. We'll never get enough, we'll be living it up right down till the day we die. Oh we ain't getting out of this love alive" Seriously one of the best love songs I have heard in awhile! Take a listen below.

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